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Pandrador is 4-piece Death Metal group formed back in 2015. Style of the band was defined in 2017, when the demo ”Śmierć Baldura” (Polish for ”The Death Of Baldr”) came out. For the very first time we presented tainted and dehumanized face of Norse Mythology, which was based both in the lyrics and music.

”From the moment when we started composing our songs it was more
than noticeable for us that some strange and unknown energy leads our hands and minds when we play them.”
main composer and guitarist

In 2018 we decided to record the first, full-length album to extend our point of view on how we understand the Dead Gods World. Our target was to tell the story about cruelty of divinities that stands above us. The story about Æsir and Vanir, who shape the human life and give opportunities, glory and Posthumous Exaltation in exchange of becoming the darkspawn of their kind – the Black Einherjar. 

”Ov Rituals, Ov Ancestors, Ov Destiny” was recorded in Heinrich House Studio (Legionowo, Poland), led by veteran of Polish Metal scene – Filip ”Heinrich” Hałucha (ex-Decapitated, Vesania, producer for Behemoth, Azarath and Deus Mortem). Process of preparation to mixing and mastering has ended in May of 2019. After 1 year of hard work of the band and another Polish tour (”Deathbound Celebration 2019”) album was released it in the June of 2020. 

The story of the band goes on. Gates of Valhalla will open once again, when The One Eyed will call His Einherjars to share another saga. With all of you.


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Ov Rituals, Ov Ancestors, Ov Destiny

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Fallen Einheri’s initial fury had turned into a bitter understanding. After hanging himself on the ash tree of Yggdrasil and giving Sleipnir in exchange for this knowledge, he understood that in order to finally take revenge on those who took his humanity from him, he must turn to the Goddess of the Underworld – Hel.

He stepped into the lake of Hvergelmir, disjected the Thread of his Existance as an Exalted One to be considered as The One Who Died in Disgrace to be able to enter Helheim.

What he didn’t know, however, was that he had been deceived by the Allfather, who had tainted the runic knowledge, so as to no one would ever possess it again. He was ridiculed by Hel, and his plea for help in revenge was denied. His spirit will never leave Helheim again and will be drowned in waters of Náströnd over and over again.

A prequel to events shown in Hvergelmir. Oneiric visions at the edge of waking and dreaming. Fallen Einheri hung himself on a tree of Yggdrasil to gain eternal knowledge of runes and finally – to have his revenge on Óðinn, when he’ll become as wise and as cunning as him.

During his last moments in form of faithful servant of Æsir (Exalted One; one of Einherjar), right before he suffocates under the pressure of the rope, he screams words of Rúnatal:

”I know þat I hung
On a windy tree
Nine long nights
Wounded wiþ a spear
Dedicated to Óðinn
Myself to myself
On þat tree of which
No man knows from where its roots run

No bread did þey give me
Nor a drink from a horn
Downwards I peered…”

Watch guitar playthrough to Valediction of Exalted Oneone of the last, yet most emotionally intense songs the band has written.

The song is one of 2 moments on the album, which gives a while to a Fallen Einheri to think about consequences of everything what happened to him and what he had done  – leaving the Hunt of Black Einherjar during Towards the Black Einherjar, releasing Jǫrmungandr, Skǫll and Hati during Miðgarðr’s Bane, Unchaining the Loke during Frelsari, hanging himself on Yggdrasil during Níðstang of Sleipnir and breaking the Thread of own Fate during Hvergelmir (to be considered as ”Died in Disgrace” and to get to Helheim to talk to Goddess of the Underworld – Hel).


After hundreds of years, lost pages of old, norse grimoire has been found. A woman has been manipulated by Loki to use it. At the night of full moon, she prepared the Ritual of Summoning. After symbolic sacrificing, the wraiths of Åsgårdsreien have been sent to Midgard. They were avatars of Tyr, Freyr and Freya, Loki and a nameless, forgotten warrior.

She got rid of her humanity, free will and her soul in exchange of becoming an Einherjar in Valhalla. Her spirit will wander through the Nine Worlds until the day of Ragnarök, when she will finally die – forever.

Wrath of the Gods has been awaken. Her ashes fed the roots of Yggdrasil.


A fanatical prayer of a dying man, during his glorious last stand, right before he die. He refers his words to one-handed God, Sovereign of War – Tyr (ᛏᛦᚱ). With this proclamation, he sacrifices his soul, his humanity and his life energy in exchange for becoming an Einherjar in Valhalla.

He will remain God’s servant until his deprived of free will soul will die during Ragnarök.



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