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Ov Rituals,
Ov Ancestors, Ov Destiny

Ov Rituals,
Ov Ancestors,
Ov Destiny

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Band members

"Towards the Black Einherjars"
Bartłomiej (our guitarist)
as his spiritual incarnation

Avatar of Tyr
"Towards the Black Einherjars"
Adrian (our drummer)
as his spiritual incarnation

Nameless, Forgotten Einherjar
"Towards the Black Einherjars"
Mateusz (our vocalist)
as his spiritual incarnation

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      About Us

      Pandrador is 4-piece Death Metal group formed back in 2015. Style of the band was defined in 2017, when the demo ”Śmierć Baldura” (Polish for ”The Death Of Baldr”) came out. For the very first time we presented tainted and dehumanized face of Norse Mythology, which was based both in the lyrics and music.

      ”From the moment when we started composing our songs it was more
      than noticeable for us that some strange and unknown energy leads our hands and minds when we play them.”
      main composer and guitarist

      In 2018 we decided to record the first, full-length album to extend our point of view on how we understand the Dead Gods World. Our target was to tell the story about cruelty of divinities that stands above us. The story about Æsir and Vanir, who shape the human life and give opportunities, glory and Posthumous Exaltation in exchange of becoming the darkspawn of their kind – the Black Einherjar. 

      ”Ov Rituals, Ov Ancestors, Ov Destiny” was recorded in Heinrich House Studio (Legionowo, Poland), led by veteran of Polish Metal scene – Filip ”Heinrich” Hałucha (ex-Decapitated, Vesania, producer for Behemoth, Azarath and Deus Mortem). Process of preparation to mixing and mastering has ended in May of 2019. After 1 year of hard work of the band and another Polish tour (”Deathbound Celebration 2019”) album was released it in the June of 2020. 

      The story of the band goes on. Gates of Valhalla will open once again, when The One Eyed will call His Einherjars to share another saga. With all of you.

      Wanna message us?

      If you have any question to the band about music, lyrics, merch or you wanna start a conversation about our approach on Norse Mythology – feel free to write us an e-mail here.

      You can also message us on our social media